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Compatible With All Major Autoresponders Script Including Selfhosted Autoresponders System.



Wow, when someone signup using Facebook… you can post on their wall automatically. You can add this BETA functionality to your site with ease using Optin Pressor



Optin Pressor In Action:

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Optin Pressor Can Easily Embedded to Any HTML Page And Has Awesome Multiple Optin Campaign Drag n Drop Widget Feature!



Here’s What’s Optin Pressor All About… A Lot of New Cool Features Added!

Facebook Optin App

Facebook Optin App

Grab Active Facebook User By Connect With Facebook. People trust Facebook and the name alone lends you credibility. You get their Official Facebook Email Address that they actually CHECK everyday!

Google Optin App

Google Optin App

Boost Verified Gmail List By Connect With Google. Gmail can be considered more worth than another email. Optin Pressor allows you to use “Google Connect” Technology to get higher Gmail list!

FB Auto Wall Newsfeed

FB NewsFeed Auto Poster

Make Viral Facebook Wall Post On Opt-in. NEW! Make a wall post on opt-in. It’s done automatically when they opt-in to receive your free gift! Facebook wall post include Picture, URL, Caption, and Description!

Yahoo Optin App

Yahoo Optin App

Increase Verified YahooMail List By One Click Signup With Yahoo. Most people always login to YahooMail to enjoy what matters most in their world. Why don’t you give them One Click SignUp opportunity by their YahooMail connection.

Major Autoresponder Compatible

Autoresponder System Integration

Send Subscribers to Your URL Confirmation Page. After people click “Okay” button at your Optin Facebook App, Google App, or Yahoo App, Optin Pressor will redirect them to your redirection page which setup in your Autoresponder service.

Optin Embedded Form

Support Outside WordPress Page

You Can Embed Optin Pressor Form At Any HTML Page. Works super easy on WordPress Page or any HTML page since Optin Pressor Form is an iFrame clip. This means you can begin using it at any page you like! Just Copy and Paste it!


You Want To Have More… See New Upgraded Features!

Optin Pressor v3

Above Optin Form HTML Editor:

Insert Any Stuff Above Form In Your Call To Action Trick. You can insert any stuff or image above the Optin Pressor Form to entice visitor to sign up your free gift using One Click Option. So, you can show your free gift image very easy.

Optin Pressor v3

Support Most Language Text for Optin Button:

Optin Pressor button is supported with all language characters. You may write any famous text in the optin button with Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Urdu, and any language to entice your visitor to signup the free gift. Multi-Language supported.

Optin Pressor v3

Select To Activate Which One Click Optin Method:

Activate What Type Of One Click Opt-in You Like. You can choose to activate whether Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Standard Email sign up. Just tick the Optin Pressor settings, and that’s it. You can hide the first name and last name fields.

Optin Pressor v3

Multiple Campaign Optin Pressor Widget Bar:

Drag n Drop Optin Pressor Widget For Each Campaign. It’s Simple and Super Easy. Just drag n drop your Optin Pressor widget bar and you done! You may use 3 size of famous widget width. Multi-widget bar are for MultiSite & Developer.

Optin Pressor v3

Optin Denied Redirect URL:

Give Visitor a Surprise Page When They Denied Opt-in Access. If people click “Cancel” button at the app dialog box, means to deny optin, you can redirect them to your exit page URL which is can be inserted easily in the plugin settings. Yes, don’t let them go just like that..!

Optin Pressor v3

Easy Customize Optin iFrame Design:

You can set white background as Transparent and hide the Dotted Line easily with one click option. You can use your own unique optin button easily. It’s very simple to customize the selection text with your own text, plus you can secure your optin experience with adding the privacy text below.

Optin Pressor v3

Optinlinks for Facebook, Google, & Yahoo Optin:

Display Only One Click Optin App either Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. Yes, you can grab the Standalone Code from each One Click Optin app: Facebook, Google, & Yahoo and use it as one option to signup. As result, you’re free to display only your favorite One Click Optin connection for list building.

Optin Pressor v3

Create Multiple & Unique Optin Campaign:

You Can Create More Than One Optin Campaign In One Plugin Installation. Leverage the Multi Campaign feature to assign more than one Optin Pressor form for your different mailing list. You can decide which optin campaign to use for Main Optin form or others. Available only in MultiSite and Developer.


Ok, Let’s Check The New… Awesome Optin Form Design!



Boost Your Optin Rate In Various Ways 7 Premium Addons Plugin Available!

Facebook Optin App

Add-on Plugin:
Pretty Lightbox & Optinlinks Popup

With Pretty Lightbox Popup, You Can Easily Grab Your Visitors’ Attention and win them over instantly with completely easy and slick One Single Click Optin form. Automatically activate the Lightbox Popup by just clicking one radio button without touching any codes. It has ability to “When & How often” to show Pretty Lightbox Popup. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Pretty Lightbox Popup and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page. Plus you can make a Clickable Optin Link to trigger this Pretty Lightbox.

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Facebook Optin App

Add-on Plugin:
Animated Sliding Tab Optin

Grab Your Visitors Attention Instanly By Slick Animated Slide-in Tab Optin, That Slides-in From The Right or Left Corner. This is very famous effect and mostly applied by major well-reputed big sites on the internet. It’s known to convert visitors into subscribers and customers very well. Slide-in Tab effect can boost your One Click Optin form for getting more verified email subscribers. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Animated Sliding Tab Optin and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page.

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Facebook Optin App

Add-on Plugin: GoToWebinar Integration

Let’s Integrate GoToWebinar With Optin Pressor One Click Signup Form. When you activate the GoToWebinar addon, anyone who signs up to your One Click Optin form will register as Attendees for your GoToWebinar, and at the same time as signing them up to your mailing list. No matter what type of autoresponder you use. It’s help you to create your “One click signup for the webinar” and automatically signing them up as your mailing list in only one simple step. You no longer need to handle with awkward looking webinar signup forms. You can start giving your attendees an easy and simple solution from One Click Optin Signup form Webinar! By simply inserting an Optin Pressor form, you can let people sign up to your webinars from anywhere on your site in just One Click Signup. Of course, you get the verified email addresses via Facebook, Google, and Yahoo Connect, which doesn’t exist on the GTW forms.

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after post form

Add-on Plugin: After Post Content Optin

Convert People Into Subscribers After They Read Your Content With One Click Optin Option & Yes, it’s more aggressive than a simple form. When someone stumbles on your content, and reads the entire thing, they clearly love your work. So, why not ask them to signup right after the post ends? It converts well, and it grabs a reader right when they’re feeling great about your work. It’s automatically insert stunning One Click Optin form designs right after your post content allowing the user to subscribe as soon as they’re done reading.(Note, this is one of the BIGGEST leaks websites have. If you don’t ask for action when people are keen on taking it, you’re killing your growth)

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Facebook Optin App

Add-on Plugin: Exit Popup For Pretty Lightbox

Catch Your Website Visitors Before They Leave Your Site. Exit Popup for Lightbox is one of the most-widely popular tools from the internet marketer’s toolbox, now it’s available to you as an addon plugin in Optin Pressor. So, when your visitor is trying to leave your sales page or a special offer page by clicking the “Close” button, there will be a popup ask him to choose whether to leave or “Stay on Page” to get the Special Instant Access. Then, Optin Pressor silently triggered them with a “Pretty Lightbox Popup” contains the One Click Optin form where you can give them a Special Instant Access or a Special Downloadable Gift, in exchange for their verified email address using Facebook, Google, or Yahoo connection, so you can follow up with them at a later time. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Exit Pretty Lightbox Popup and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page.

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Google Optin App

Add-on Plugin: SignUp Automatically Via Comments

Start Adding a “Get FREE access for our hot newsletter” Checkbox To Your Comment Forms. Most visitors who care to leave comment are willing to subscribe to your newsletter too. Signing up to your newsletter is as easy as ticking a checkbox! Yes, since visitors are in such a positive mindset, that’s the PERFECT time to ask for an email. Now it’s time to convert them into your loyal subscribers. All they have to do is leave a comment and their information will be properly used to its maximum potential and your benefit without being idle in some database. Whenever a new reader submits a comment, his name and email address from his comment are transferred to your Optin Pressor campaign as if the reader actually subscribed! Simple and Effective!

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Get BETA Add-on Plugin: Multi Broadcast To Subscriber’s FB Newsfeed:


Basically the main Optin Pressor plugin will only post One Unique Newsfeed post on your subscriber’s FB wall at the first time they signup using Facebook connection…

Using this exclusive addon, it will allow you to…


Create Amazingly More Than One Facebook Newsfeed Post on Your Subscribers wall

…means that you have Multiple FB Wall Post feature with the best delivery and targeted Facebook’s audience to your verified quality list…

Do you like to promote your services or products to each of your subscriber’s wall for FREE? Imagine that you have 500 Facebook subscribers and each one of them have 5000 friends to see your Newsfeed messages and promotion. That’s awesome! So, Stop Waiting for Things to Changes! Get it now.



If you have not been fully utilizing Facebook for your online marketing campaigns, it is time to do it now with automated Facebook Newsfeed follow ups plugin.

Now you have a way to post on all your subscriber’s Facebook wall frequently. How cool is that? Promote your products on your subscriber’s wall to increase your sales and list.

You can have the message directly sent to their wall by their name on it. It’s post Image, videos, URL, Caption, & Description. Multi-language post supported.

Broadcast Newsfeed addon is the best Newsfeed poster plugin on the market that allows you to manage your newsfeed posts on your subscriber’s Facebook wall. It runs in Optin Pressor Main Plugin. You will need to have Optin Pressor main plugin to integrate this feature. It’s compliant with Facebook terms and conditions.


Here’s What’s Benefits You Get When… You Take Action With This Newsfeed Addon

Facebook Optin App

Facebook Newsfeed Broadcast

Send Broadcast to your Active Facebook Subscriber’s Wall Instantly. Imagine that each 5K friends of your subscribers see your promotion message in the newsfeed. Today with over 800 million users, facebook is the most visited website on the internet. Subscriber’s Wall Post threshold limit (Send 1-500 newsfeed in one broadcast).

Google Optin App

Their Friends See Live Status

Expose your Message to the Thousand of the Subscriber’s Friends. Your broadcast messages are not only displayed on their main wall, also show in the Live Status ticker in the right FB page sidebar. Get your promotion delivered to the Crowd soonest! Most of them will click or take action after they see any cool status from friends.

FB Auto Wall Newsfeed

Social Email Auto Follow Up

Facebook Always Send Auto Email Follow Up About Friend Status. Did you know, Facebook will help you by sending an email follow up to your subscriber’s friends, delivered to their inbox, when you’ve made a wall post, so they don’t miss your cool Newsfeed Status. It’s done automatically in Facebook system! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About Optin Pressor


I love the addition of Google to the opt in…

Hi Ahmad,

WOW! I just purchased and have to tell you it is VERY WELL put together and EASY to use.

I love the addition of Google to the opt in and that is NEW and Cutting Edge!

I will be implimenting this to my forms today and THANK YOU for a great deal on a GREAT Product that I will actually USE!

A++ Rating from me, my friend!

mark call

Mark Call

Display a user defined image on the Facebook post…

Ahmad, I`ve been looking for a solid facebook connect plugin that would display a user defined image on the facebook post. Your plugin does this and much more. The fact that it integrates automatically with an autoresponder is a huge bonus.

It is very easy to use, although I was uncertain about the aweber code, but the straight cut and paste worked perfectly.

This plugin is one of the best plugin purchases I have made recently and I will be using it on many of my product websites.

Thanks for the great product. Keep it up.



It delivered Facebook connect and the Google connect…

I have just bought Optin Pressor and WOW is all I can say! I have been wanting to implement Facebook connect on my blog and have been searching for a nice way to do this!

So I came across Ahmad and the new Optin Pressor and it delivered not only the Facebook connect but the Google connect as well! For the price I feel like I ripped someone off Really though this WSO surpassed my expectations and to show my appreciation I have made a YouTube video demo showing you it in action on my personal blog with the Facebook connect!

I just would like a diff size image to be readily available, but other than this I say great job man! Later!


Jermaine “Lead Monster”

A++! It’s truly a time saver as it’s all point and click…

Hi Ahmad,

I’ve waiting for something exactly like this for some time now! Will try it in a couple of hours.

Aside from what’s been said already, that it needs a little tweaking to get it 100%, like the linked in option and the manual (email) tab field customizations, as well as the button customization, it looks really AWESOME!

A++! It’s truly a time saver as it’s all point and click and I really expect my conversion rate to increase at least 20% to 30% with this tool! Thanks for the chance to get optinpressor at this promotional price and I really hope you can get some updates out there pretty soon!


– Jay aRe

Ability to be used in non-wp sites…

Just purchased this. I already have at least a couple of other FB connect wp plugins, but the additional Google connect option and ability to be used in non-wp sites (plus the cheap price) sold me on giving this a try.

The video tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I’m planning on installing this on at least a couple of my sites.



I really like that this one also does Google…

There are a number of products that allow you to do optins from Facebook, but I really like that this one also does Google.

We all work hard to get traffic, so it only makes sense to do everything reasonable to increase our optin percentage.


Google opt-in included, since most software don’t have this…

Thanks Ahmad for this nice addition to most of our pages. And so easy to implement, since we use a lot of WP based pages.

Nice thing to have Google opt-in included, since most of such software don’t have this. We were actually thinking about getting something like this developed by our own IT crew. Buying this saved us a lot of time.

We tested this only on one autoresponder, so I can’t really say if it works on all that are stated in OP. But under the one we tested it it works fine (mailchimp).


AAR Gambit

You can use on ANY site just by copy/pasting a simple code…

One of the best plugins -This one allows you to capture email addresses of your visitors by letting them to connect to your site using Facebook OR Google.

You can use Optin Pressor on ANY site just by copy/pasting some simple code, so it’s NOT limited to just your WordPress blog like some of the other plugins.

Great plugin and cheap too with a review. Build your list with FB and Google.




As if that wasn’t enough we decided to bring even more high value to the plugin by throwing in 3 insane bonuses worth over $330!…








wordpress-pluginTry it out today and see how it BOOST your optin conversion on any wordpress page or non-wordpress website you use it on.

My No-BS 100% Guarantee



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Optin Pressor Multi Site


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  • More Multiple Campaigns Optimized Optin Form

Optin Pressor Developer


  • Main Optin Pressor WordPress Plugin
  • Install in Yours & Client Sites With Specific Wages
  • More Multiple Campaigns Optimized Optin Form



Ahmad Basyir

Optin Pressor Designer & Support

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