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Add-on Plugin:
Pretty Lightbox & Optinlinks Popup

With Pretty Lightbox Popup, You Can Easily Grab Your Visitors’ Attention and win them over instantly with completely easy and slick One Single Click Optin form. Automatically activate the Lightbox Popup by just clicking one radio button without touching any codes. It has ability to “When & How often” to show Pretty Lightbox Popup. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Pretty Lightbox Popup and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page. Plus you can make a Clickable Optin Link to trigger this Pretty Lightbox.
[/one_half][one_half][image_frame size=”full-half” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/slide-optin-pressor.png” description=”Facebook Optin App” link_to_page=”” target=”_self”]
Add-on Plugin:
Animated Sliding Tab Optin

Grab Your Visitors Attention Instanly By Slick Animated Slide-in Tab Optin, That Slides-in From The Right or Left Corner. This is very famous effect and mostly applied by major well-reputed big sites on the internet. It’s known to convert visitors into subscribers and customers very well. Slide-in Tab effect can boost your One Click Optin form for getting more verified email subscribers. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Animated Sliding Tab Optin and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page.

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Add-on Plugin: GoToWebinar Integration

Let’s Integrate GoToWebinar With Optin Pressor One Click Signup Form. When you activate the GoToWebinar addon, anyone who signs up to your One Click Optin form will register as Attendees for your GoToWebinar, and at the same time as signing them up to your mailing list. No matter what type of autoresponder you use. It’s help you to create your “One click signup for the webinar” and automatically signing them up as your mailing list in only one simple step. You no longer need to handle with awkward looking webinar signup forms. You can start giving your attendees an easy and simple solution from One Click Optin Signup form Webinar! By simply inserting an Optin Pressor form, you can let people sign up to your webinars from anywhere on your site in just One Click Signup. Of course, you get the verified email addresses via Facebook, Google, and Yahoo Connect, which doesn’t exist on the GTW forms.
[/one_half] [one_half] [image_frame size=”full-half” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/after-post-optin-pressor.png” description=”after post form” link_to_page=”#” target=”_self”]
Add-on Plugin: After Post Content Optin

Convert People Into Subscribers After They Read Your Content With One Click Optin Option & Yes, it’s more aggressive than a simple form. When someone stumbles on your content, and reads the entire thing, they clearly love your work. So, why not ask them to signup right after the post ends? It converts well, and it grabs a reader right when they’re feeling great about your work. It’s automatically insert stunning One Click Optin form designs right after your post content allowing the user to subscribe as soon as they’re done reading.(Note, this is one of the BIGGEST leaks websites have. If you don’t ask for action when people are keen on taking it, you’re killing your growth)

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Add-on Plugin: Exit Popup For Pretty Lightbox

Catch Your Website Visitors Before They Leave Your Site. Exit Popup for Lightbox is one of the most-widely popular tools from the internet marketer’s toolbox, now it’s available to you as an addon plugin in Optin Pressor. So, when your visitor is trying to leave your sales page or a special offer page by clicking the “Close” button, there will be a popup ask him to choose whether to leave or “Stay on Page” to get the Special Instant Access. Then, Optin Pressor silently triggered them with a “Pretty Lightbox Popup” contains the One Click Optin form where you can give them a Special Instant Access or a Special Downloadable Gift, in exchange for their verified email address using Facebook, Google, or Yahoo connection, so you can follow up with them at a later time. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Exit Pretty Lightbox Popup and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page.
[/one_half] [one_half] [image_frame size=”full-half” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/comment-optin-pressor.png” description=”Google Optin App” link_to_page=”#” target=”_self”]
Add-on Plugin: SignUp Automatically Via Comments

Start Adding a “Get FREE access for our hot newsletter” Checkbox To Your Comment Forms. Most visitors who care to leave comment are willing to subscribe to your newsletter too. Signing up to your newsletter is as easy as ticking a checkbox! Yes, since visitors are in such a positive mindset, that’s the PERFECT time to ask for an email. Now it’s time to convert them into your loyal subscribers. All they have to do is leave a comment and their information will be properly used to its maximum potential and your benefit without being idle in some database. Whenever a new reader submits a comment, his name and email address from his comment are transferred to your Optin Pressor campaign as if the reader actually subscribed! Simple and Effective![/one_half][divider style=”hr-dotted”]

Get BETA Add-on Plugin: Multi Broadcast To Subscriber’s FB Newsfeed:

Basically the main Optin Pressor plugin will only post One Unique Newsfeed post on your subscriber’s FB wall at the first time they signup using Facebook connection…

Using this exclusive addon, it will allow you to…



[highlight color=”lime-green” style=”style-1″]Create Amazingly More Than One Facebook Newsfeed Post on Your Subscribers wall[/highlight]

…means that you have Multiple FB Wall Post feature with the best delivery and targeted Facebook’s audience to your verified quality list…

[icon style=”icon-money” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””]Do you like to promote your services or products to each of your subscriber’s wall for FREE? Imagine that you have 500 Facebook subscribers and each one of them have 5000 friends to see your Newsfeed messages and promotion. That’s awesome! So, Stop Waiting for Things to Changes! Get it now.[/icon]
[divider style=”hr-dotted”][one_third] [icon style=”icon-home” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””]If you have not been fully utilizing Facebook for your online marketing campaigns, it is time to do it now with automated Facebook Newsfeed follow ups plugin.[/icon] [/one_third] [one_third] [icon style=”icon-star” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””]Now you have a way to post on all your subscriber’s Facebook wall frequently. How cool is that? Promote your products on your subscriber’s wall to increase your sales and list.[/icon] [/one_third] [one_third] [icon style=”icon-cart-add” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””]You can have the message directly sent to their wall by their name on it. It’s post Image, videos, URL, Caption, & Description. Multi-language post supported.[/icon] [/one_third] [notification style=”success” font_size=”16px”]Broadcast Newsfeed addon is the best Newsfeed poster plugin on the market that allows you to manage your newsfeed posts on your subscriber’s Facebook wall. It runs in Optin Pressor Main Plugin. You will need to have Optin Pressor main plugin to integrate this feature. It’s compliant with Facebook terms and conditions.[/notification][divider style=”hr-dotted”]

Here’s What’s Benefits You Get When… [highlight color=”lime-green” style=”style-1″]You Take Action With This Newsfeed Addon[/highlight]

[one_third][image_frame size=”full-third” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/wall_post2.png” description=”Facebook Optin App” link_to_page=”” target=”_self”]

Facebook Newsfeed Broadcast

Send Broadcast to your Active Facebook Subscriber’s Wall Instantly. Imagine that each 5K friends of your subscribers see your promotion message in the newsfeed. Today with over 800 million users, facebook is the most visited website on the internet. Subscriber’s Wall Post threshold limit (Send 1-500 newsfeed in one broadcast).[/one_third] [one_third] [image_frame size=”full-third” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/ticker.png” description=”Google Optin App” link_to_page=”#” target=”_self”]
Their Friends See Live Status

Expose your Message to the Thousand of the Subscriber’s Friends. Your broadcast messages are not only displayed on their main wall, also show in the Live Status ticker in the right FB page sidebar. Get your promotion delivered to the Crowd soonest! Most of them will click or take action after they see any cool status from friends.[/one_third] [one_third] [image_frame size=”full-third” image_path=”https://optinpressor.com/wp-content/uploads/share-email.png” description=”FB Auto Wall Newsfeed” link_to_page=”#” target=”_self”]
Social Email Auto Follow Up

Facebook Always Send Auto Email Follow Up About Friend Status. Did you know, Facebook will help you by sending an email follow up to your subscriber’s friends, delivered to their inbox, when you’ve made a wall post, so they don’t miss your cool Newsfeed Status. It’s done automatically in Facebook system! Don’t miss this opportunity![/one_third]

Special 90% Discount! Get Your 7 Addons Plugin Pack Today!

No Monthly Fees – FULL 7 Exclusive Addons Included!

Yours today for just $97Only at $9.95 very CHEAPEST price!

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